Adams Towing & Cash 4 Junk Cars

We takes the hassle out of selling your car!

Now, Memphis has a new local alternative to using Craigslist, Ebay, dealerships, and other sources to assist in selling your vehicle. We are designed to save you the trouble involved with selling your car while providing you with an opportunity to get the money you deserve from the sale of your vehicle. We will come to you, give you a quote and give you cash for cars at your earliest convenience.

Selling your vehicle can often prove to be as frustrating as buying a vehicle. There are many problems you may face when selling your vehicle, which include:

  • Scams and dangers posed by buyers on Ebay and Craigslist
  • Aggressive negotiators
  • Phone calls from strangers throughout the day/night
  • Time wasted due to cancellations and no-shows

Dealer trade-ins, on the other hand, are often less beneficial and extremely exhausting. Individual sellers may become tired of the long, drawn-out negotiation process that the dealer is specially trained to withstand, thus succumbing to the lower offer proposed by the dealer. Our method of quoting and paying cash for cars eliminated these headaches and gets money in your hands today!

You may now be asking yourself, “What should I do in order to get the most value out of my vehicle?” Wouldn’t it be nice if you were able to:

  • Avoid dealer trade-ins?
  • Avoid Craigslist?
  • Avoid Ebay shady characters?
  • Sell your vehicle within 7 days?
  • Eliminate all of the stress associated with selling your car?

Call for a free quote to see how much cash for your car we can give you.